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Manufacturer : Baumer Hübner
Country of Origin : Germany
Description :
SingleTurn/MultiTurn HeavyDuty Absolute Encoder; B10 EURO Flange mounting; Solid Shaft 11k6 x 30; Supply Voltage: 9 to 30 Vdc; Interface: Profibus-DPV0; Absolute Resolution: 13-Bit SingleTurn + 16-Bit MultiTurn; Without Incremental Output; With Bus Cover Connection; IP 55
Packaging Quantity : 1
Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Order In Multiples of Quantity : 1
Required Quantity :
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Product Salient Features:

  • HeavyDuty Absolute Encoder with Solid Shaft Dia. 11mm with Keyway, Length 30mm (11k6 X 30mm)
  • Optical sensing method
  • B10 Euro Flange mounting (FlangeDia. 115mm - PCD 100mm)
  • 13-Bit SingleTurn + 16-Bit MultiTurn


  • Additional Incremental Output TTL / HTL - 2048 ppr
  • Interface: SSI; CANopen
  • Absolute Resolution: 13-Bit ST; 13-Bit ST + 12-Bit MT
Technical Data
Manufacturer : Baumer Hübner
Series : AMG81
Interface : Profibus-DPV0
Sensing Method : Optical
Encoder Type : Absolute ST+MT
Absolute Resolution : 13-Bit ST + 16-Bit MT
Incremental Output : Without
Supply Voltage : 9 to 30 Vdc
Mounting Type : B10 EURO Flange (Dia. 115mm; PCD: 100mm)
Shaft Type : Solid Shaft Driven
Shaft (S)/Bore (B) Dia. : S: 11 mm
Connection Type : Bus Cover
Operating Temperature : From -20 °C to +85 °C
Protection : IP 55
Approval : CE, UL Approval / E256710
Weight : 1.7 KG
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